Goodie Bags Waitlist

We have partnered with Mighty Warriors Foundation.


Who are they?

Mighty Warriors Foundation are supporting families with chronically ill children by promoting mental health, and well-being.


Why Happy Child Box is supporting by providing activity boxes?

Where most children have the opportunity to attend a preschool environment, Mighty Warrior children may not be able to because of frequent trips to and from BC Children’s Hospital.

Happy Child Box is proud to be (currently as of Nov. 11, 2023) supplying multiple families with monthly mini subscriptions. All new and current subscriptions of Happy Child Box portion of purchase profits go towards funding and sending (shipping) these boxes to these families of Mighty Warriors Foundation.


Can you contribute?

YES! You can now contribute additionally, if you are already a subscriber or if you would just like to partner with Happy Child Box to support these families, as a one-time purchase. We encourage this act of kindness & we will be updating our social media with photos where you can explain to your children or friends how you are making the city of Vancouver a better place through Happy Child Box :)



Add an amount that you feel happy with by clicking "Donate Towards a Box" button below. $20 is suggested, but you are welcome to add more, or less on the next page. Next you will fill out your card infomation and click "Donate." Once your donation has been recieved we will keep in touch with you on the impacts you made through Happy Child Box activities and Mighty Warriors Foundation.  You will be a part of making another family smile through our Happy Child Box activities! Each amount contributes to a length of time for each monthly subscriptions going to a family with chronically ill children. Thank you!


Please note: there is no tax donation receipt provided at this time. Thank you for contributing !

You can learn more about this amazing foundation and keep up to date by visiting their website